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Everyone talks of website development, but, Karma Web Consulting holds the potential of making your business an online celebrity. Yes, you heard that right, a CELEBRITY!! Web design is not just about programming, rather it is purely about creating a perfect blend of design, technology, getting acquainted with the psychology of target diaspora, sharp headlines and appropriate content.

We design a website that is not only visually appealing, but, easy to navigate and fully functional. As AFL coach John Wooden says, "It takes 10 hands to score a basket". Likewise, besides having a strong online presence and expanding the customer-ship, web development is quintessential in maintaining the authenticity of the company. No one these days visits the business and see it in person. Instead, people only consider the business credible once it has a strong (wide) digital visibility. A company sans a website and presence on social media portals such as LinkedIn and Facebook is barely considered relevant in today's era.

Recent figures say that over 20 million people now purchase almost everything online. You imagine buying any stuff and you would find it online! Books, computers, cars, natural gas, clothes and interesting enough, even jet airplanes. Interestingly, if you can imagine it, someone will figure out how to sell it online. We create the most efficient website for your business that further provides you with an instant 'global reach at nearly zero cost'.

Nonetheless, it is not just enough to have a website; it is extremely important to own a website that speaks volumes of your business; builds your company as THE BRAND, and above all, a website that is receptive to the needs of masses. As someone aptly quoted,

"No matter how pretty you are, you are nothing without strong character."

Pros of website development:

  • It not only appeals, BUT SELLS.
  • Enhances company's credibility and authenticity.
  • Offers huge (global) customer base at zero cost.
  • Widens your overall presence
  • Create Website that converts
  • Decade Of Experience
  • Partner in Growth
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Trusted Provider
  • Ongoing Support
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