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Mobile Apps and Marketing

There was a time when all a web developer had to worry about was making sure their website was coded to work properly in Internet Explorer. As time progressed, web developers had to learn how to adapt their website to be cross browser compatible and work in other web browsers as well. With all of the advancements in today’s technology, web developers are now plagued with the challenge of making sure their websites are also compatible with mobile devices. This means that their website needs to be capable of being viewed on a slow/small processor on a device with a tiny screen.

Having a mobile website is just as important in today’s fast-paced mobile society as having your regular website. People want to be able to access the information about your business NOW and not have to wait until they have computer access with Internet. When your potential customers see an ad or see your business mentioned on Social Media they would most likely use their smartphones to search site for more information. If you pass on having a mobile version of your website, you risk losing a large group of potential new customers.

A lot of websites actually use mobile apps in order to make their websites compatible on mobile devices. A mobile app is just a small application/program that you download and install to your phone (or other mobile device). There are some websites that just cannot be made completely compatible with mobile devices. When this happens, web developers make the executive choice to get a programmer to code a mobile application so individuals with mobile devices can still access their favorite websites without the need of an actual desktop or laptop computer.

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